How to live in Japan


This is #Tamachi Real Estate Corporation.



The other day, We had talked about how to buy the Apartment in Japan.


So, we wil talk to you that how to lend apartments in Japan today.


There are common things when you want to buy the apartment.


You have to search for some "The Realtors" which have salesmans who can speak your languages on internet Website.


You have to make an appointments with them, before you visit Japan.


You must visit them for two or three days during you visit Japan, otherwise they can not introduce and go to some apartments with you.


You must talk about your plans, when you visit their shops.

If you do so, you will may be able to lend Japanese apartments whlie you visit in Japan.

■The last

Do you study Japanese buisiness style ?


If you do not know that, you should not lend Japanese Apartments when you visit in Japan.


And I wonder if you may forget "Almost Japanese people can only speak Japanese !".


We only speak Japanese in this company,too.


With Best Wishes.